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If you have a loan that can be repaid, there are 3 weeks to the deadline, and that is a long time someone will probably say.
But the time has come to fly away and suddenly pressure comes on because others have got the same good idea and also want a loan offer. Of course, you may want to cancel a loan and wait for a loan offer, but it is not something we would recommend.

Our recommendation is that you always secure an alternative that can be hedged.

loan payment

Any conversion option is also an opportunity to switch mortgage lenders and get a lower contribution rate or other benefits, and if you want to switch, both a new credit rating and a property valuation must be made. That’s why it’s not too early to get started. And you are not bound by a loan offer, but it is good to have.

Example of a current redirect option:

loan payments

If the loan is free of interest, you can convert to a loan where the interest is made free with the Real Council model. Below you can see the result of a traditional change and a change with the Real Council model.

By choosing the interest-only interest rate with the RealRåd model, the principal of the new loan is thus USD 35,000 lower and the net savings of USD 9,672 larger. Or USD 39,760 in total.

If the 2% loan in Realkredit Danmark is rescheduled

loan schedule

A small note of the examples is that the 0.5% rate is generally not optimal right now. But this is the only current option for fixed interest rates for 30 years. As a RealRåd customer, we can also monitor your loan offer. Up to the notice period there are 3 options. The rate may rise to increase your loan proceeds. The rate may fall on 1% loan so that it becomes possible to get an offer. Or the rates may fall, but not enough for the 1% opportunity to open, the restructuring deficit, and then a customized loan offer must be made. The last two options can usually be done unless you ask for it at the last minute.

If we have to count on your options, just call 4330 0050 or write to info @ Johnny Gibbz


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